Drone X Pro Honest Review 2021

Are you looking for a cool compact drone with nice and elegant features?

Read our honest Drone X Pro review to find out if this drone is the right choice for you…

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Meet Drone 720x – What Is It?

aerial photography
Drones technology with cameras has transformed the look and feel of above-ground photography. The reason is probably that the ideal Bird’s eyesight perspective for an image or video can be much safer when the photograph doesn’t risk his life hanging from a helicopter or a cliff.

The advances in the drone technology have also made it achievable to get views which were not possible with usual camera setups, whirling and tilting rapidly with the 360 degrees of motion.

But perhaps the widest change to the setup is to the fact that drones like Drone 720X have made the aerial photography & aerial videography accessible to anyone.

What Is The Drone 720x?

drone720x compact droneAre you looking for a cool gift with some elegant features? The Drone 720x – pocket drone is a brand new drone with HD 720p Resolution Cam that shoots 30fps. The drone can reach a max speed of 49 mph and have a control range of max 70 meters.

This Drone 720x is a small flying gadget with a pocket size. The drone has a quality camera that allows you to take amazing photos from several aerial views. It is a remote-controlled machine that can help you get shots from really tough to reach locations.

It’s not a secret that drones today are becoming more and more famous. But they’re also becoming very costly over time.

The compact Drone 720X is a drone that’s designed to be really affordable for an average person while having a top quality like any other compact drone on the market.

Features Of Drone 720X – How Does It Work?

  • Drone 720X Battery Life

drone720x battery lifeThe battery life on the Drone 720X is a maximum of 8 minutes of recording and flying time.
More specifically: The Drone has a plug-in lithium-ion battery of 3.7V 500mAh that makes Drone 720X flight time from 6 to 8 minutes. Charging time is about 1 hour and the battery weight is 22g.


  • Drone 720X Range, Speed & Connectivity

drone720x speedIt is a fast drone as-well and flies at the Max speed of 49mph (22 m/s) as we mentioned earlier and the remote for this amazing device has an average range of 70 meters according to many Drone 720x tests. The drone has 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control with 80m Control Distance and FPV Distance of about 50m.


  • Drone 720X Camera

drone720x cameraThe Drone 720X cam is a quality camera designed to provide constant video output. Its 0.3MP WiFi camera comes with an adjustable angle that provides access to FPV and control. With this pocket Drone 720x you will be able to record and capture all of your amazing flying adventures, with crispy and clear 720p high-resolution.

As you can see, your videos and images will always be of top-notch quality, but there is another additional cool aspect of Drone 720X – the ability to stream live video. Now you can stream your videos directly to your smartphone or tablet and watch them in real time.

With the live streaming view, you can also easily record fast moving targets. Thanks to the Drone 720X built-in collision protection software, you do not have to worry about hitting objects that come along your flying. The drone makes it easy to follow your targets and avoid any collision.


  • Operating With Drone 720X

drone720x operating controlsWhen it comes to operating with this drone, it’s very easy to understand the controls and take nice aerial stunts. Even though there are several drones on the market that are hard to maneuver, this mini Drone 720X has easy to learn flight controls. After a while, you can operate with this drone like a real expert and perform stunts like roles and flips while taking neat and crystal clear videos.

One more nice feature of this drone include setting the altitude with a very simple control. That means you can configure the drone exactly as you want so you can easily hover the drone over the height you set. That can allow you to stop worrying about controlling the drone too much.

drone 720x compact drone features

How Drone 720X Works?

how drone720x worksYou do not have to be an expert drone pilot to understand how the Drone 720X works. Even if you’ve never flown a drone before, it will be very easy to understand it because of its simple design.

First-time drone-pilot kids and other drone enthusiasts will love the simplicity of its features and how it operates. You can have a lot of fun with this drone because there are many games you can learn by flying Drone 720X – pocket drone.

However, it’s not only for kids though; it is an extraordinary for experienced drone pilots as well.

How Much Does It Cost Drone 720x?

You can get this amazing drone in different shades. There’s a white and black version, but it’s presently out of stock in several places. The other cool version comes in blue and black color.

drone720x blue black color

The drone is very affordable to buy.

Normally, this drone is being sold at $198 USD.

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There’re other cool options when you decide to buy Drone 720x. If you purchase 2 drones, you can get them for just $64 each – GET 1 FREE ($192 total).

If you purchase 3 of them, they’re just $57 each – GET 2 FREE ($285 total).

Buying 10 drones it’s even cheaper, and again at fifteen and finally twenty. When you pick-up twenty of these drone models, you get them for just $47 USD each.

Drone 720X – Does It Worth?

The drone manufacturers usually create their drones very resistant and tough. They can take smashes and remain keeping running solid. The creators of Drone 720x also ensure everyone not to worry about crashes because, as they claim, their drones are one of the toughest on the market.

If you ever thought about buying a compact drone, then Drone 720X could be your perfect choice.

The bottom line, there are no lot of skills required to use this drone. You just need to follow a few easy steps to configure your drone and you are done. It’s one of the simplest drones on the market to fly. Also, it’s a perfect choice for people of any ages who want to have fun with drones.

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