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How To Cheat On Proctorio?

Written by:
Reviewed by: Brenda Block
How To Cheat On Proctorio?

As online education becomes more widespread, universities and schools are looking for ways to ensure academic integrity during remote exams. One such solution is Proctorio, an online proctoring software that monitors test-takers using their camera and microphone. While the intention behind Proctorio is to prevent cheating, some students have found ways to bypass its measures. In this article, we will explore the different methods students use to cheat on Proctorio exams and what measures educators can take to prevent cheating.

1. Understanding Proctorio and Its Limitations

Proctorio is an online exam proctoring software that is widely used by universities across the globe. Its main purpose is to prevent cheating during online exams by monitoring the test-taker using a webcam and microphone. The software uses AI technology to flag any suspicious behavior such as talking or gesturing to someone else or looking away from the screen for too long.

However, Proctorio has its limitations. It can easily be fooled by students who are tech-savvy or follow certain tricks. For example, placing a picture of oneself in front of the webcam or having a friend sitting beside them can appear as if the student is taking the exam alone. Additionally, Proctorio has been criticized for invading students’ privacy as it records the test-taker’s entire exam session, including the screen, keystrokes, and mouse movements.

It is important to note that Proctorio is not foolproof and relies heavily on disciplined test-takers who follow the rules. Universities should use Proctorio as one of many tools in their arsenal to prevent cheating on online exams. Educating students on the risks and consequences of cheating is equally important to create a culture of integrity in the academic community.

2. The Most Common Ways Students Attempt to Cheat on Proctorio

Proctorio is a powerful online proctoring tool designed to ensure academic integrity during online exams. However, some students may try to cheat the system to achieve better grades. In this section, we will discuss some of the common ways students attempt to cheat on Proctorio.

2.1 Virtual Machines and Emulators

One of the popular methods of cheating on Proctorio involves using virtual machines and emulators. A virtual machine is a software that mimics a physical computer and allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single machine. An emulator, on the other hand, is a program that imitates a particular system or device. Students may use these tools to bypass Proctorio’s screen recording and monitoring features.

2.2 Collaborating with Peers

Another way some students attempt to cheat on Proctorio is by collaborating with their classmates during online exams. This involves sharing answers, questions, and other information during the test. This method is especially prevalent in group exams or assignments, where students may find it difficult to complete the task on their own.

2.3 Screen Sharing and Remote Control Tools

Some students may use screen sharing and remote control tools to cheat on Proctorio. Screen sharing programs allow students to share their screens with other individuals, while remote control tools enable the other person to control the student’s computer from a remote location. These tools can be used to access prohibited resources or have someone else take the exam on behalf of the student.

In conclusion, cheating on online exams is a growing concern in the academic community, and Proctorio is no exception. Students may attempt to cheat by using virtual machines and emulators, collaborating with peers, or using screen sharing and remote control tools. However, it is important to note that such activities violate academic integrity principles and can have serious consequences.

3. Tips to Avoid Being Caught by Proctorio’s AI Technology

Proctorio is an AI-based anti-cheating software that uses advanced technology to keep a check on the students’ activities during online exams. It can detect cheating attempts using its sophisticated algorithms, which can lead to disciplinary action against the offending student. However, with some clever tactics and strategies, students can still cheat on Proctorio’s AI technology. Here are some tips to avoid being caught by Proctorio.

1. Disable your webcam and microphone: Proctorio requires access to your webcam and microphone during the online exam. To avoid being caught cheating, you can disable these devices or cover your webcam using a piece of paper or tape. This will make it impossible for Proctorio to detect any suspicious behavior or cheating attempts.

2. Keep your phone away: Proctorio can also detect any external devices connected to your computer. Make sure to keep your phone or any other electronic devices away from your computer during the exam. This will ensure that Proctorio does not detect any unusual activities, such as browsing the internet or accessing unauthorized material.

3. Use a second computer: A more sophisticated way to cheat on Proctorio is to use a second computer. You can use this computer to browse the internet, access notes or cheat sheets, and communicate with other students without worrying about getting caught. However, this method requires technical knowledge and additional resources.

Overall, cheating on Proctorio’s AI technology can have severe consequences, including academic penalties or suspension. It’s always better to stay honest and follow the rules while taking online exams. But if you’re determined to cheat, these tips can help you avoid getting caught.

4. Alternative Methods to Stay Honest While Taking Online Exams

As an ethical student, cheating on Proctorio is never an option. Not only does it violate the academic integrity code of your school, but it also jeopardizes your reputation and undermines the purpose of education. Instead of cheating, here are some alternative methods to help you stay honest while taking online exams:

1. Practice Active Learning

Active learning is the process of engaging with course material actively, rather than passively. It involves activities such as taking notes, asking questions, summarizing key concepts, and discussing course material with your peers. By being actively involved in your learning process, you will develop a deeper understanding of the course content, which will enable you to perform better on exams.

2. Utilize Open-Book Testing

Another alternative method to stay honest is by utilizing open-book testing. This type of testing allows students to use their textbooks, notes, and other resources during the examination. Although it may seem like an easier way out, open-book testing requires students to understand and apply knowledge actively. It also encourages students to practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a challenging scenario. If your professor allows open-book testing, make sure to use the resources provided effectively.

3. Communicate With Your Instructor

If you find yourself struggling with online exams, talk to your instructor or academic advisor about it. They can provide you with extra practice materials, resources, or even alternative assessments that may be a better fit for your learning style. By communicating with your instructor, you show that you are committed to your education and want to succeed.

Ultimately, cheating on Proctorio is not worth the risk. By using alternative methods such as practicing active learning, utilizing open-book testing, and communicating with your instructor, you can achieve your academic goals honestly and with a sense of personal and academic accomplishment.

5. How Universities Are Addressing Cheating on Proctorio and Its Effectiveness

Many universities have implemented Proctorio as a tool to prevent cheating during online exams. While Proctorio has shown to be effective in detecting cheating attempts, some students still try to find ways to cheat the system. To tackle this issue, universities are taking several steps to ensure the integrity of online exams.

1. Pre-Exam Preparation:

Before taking an online exam, universities are providing students with a guide on how to use Proctorio and emphasizing the consequences of cheating. They also encourage students to take practice exams to get comfortable with the software and give them a chance to report any technical issues they may encounter.

2. Randomized Questions:

To prevent sharing answers, universities are creating multiple versions of exams with randomized questions. This makes it difficult for students to cheat by sharing answers with their peers.

3. Remote Invigilation:

Some universities are hiring external invigilators to monitor exams in real-time. This allows them to watch students via webcam and ensure they aren’t cheating. Additionally, some universities are using AI software to conduct post-exam analysis and flag any suspicious behavior.

While these methods can make it difficult for students to cheat, they can also lead to increased stress and anxiety. To address this, universities are also looking for alternative methods to assess student’s knowledge and understanding. For example, some are using open-book exams or other types of assessment to ensure that students are learning the course material and not just memorizing answers. Ultimately, the effectiveness of Proctorio and other anti-cheating measures will depend on the commitment of universities and students to uphold academic integrity.

People Also Ask

1. How does Proctorio detect cheating?

Proctorio uses advanced algorithms and AI to monitor a student’s computer in real-time during an exam. It detects suspicious behavior such as the use of external devices, switching between screens and browser tabs, and eye movements.

2. Can you cheat on Proctorio with a virtual machine?

While using a virtual machine may seem like a way to cheat on Proctorio, the software can detect such attempts and flag them as suspicious behavior.

3. Can Proctorio see your search history?

Proctorio cannot access your search history or any other personal data stored on your computer. It only has access to the browser tab being used during the exam.

4. Can you trick Proctorio with another person taking the exam?

Proctorio uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of the student taking the exam. If another person takes the exam, Proctorio will detect the change in facial features and flag it as suspicious behavior.

5. Can you use a second monitor while taking an exam on Proctorio?

Using a second monitor while taking an exam on Proctorio is not recommended, as it can trigger alerts and flag the exam as suspicious behavior.


While it may seem tempting to cheat on exams monitored by Proctorio, it’s important to remember that academic integrity is crucial to building a successful career. Not only is cheating unethical, but it can also have severe consequences such as suspension or expulsion. Trying to find loopholes or workarounds in the system is not worth the risk. The best way to approach monitored exams is to prepare thoroughly, manage your time effectively, and take the exam honestly.

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