What Are Solar Air Conditioners And Their Advantages?

If you live in the hot-humid country (such as Texas or Florida), air conditioners can be found in almost every residence, office, or any other indoor venue. Over the years, they have advanced from...

How To Choose Best Colors For Delivering Successful Presentations?

A lot of things have witnessed drastic changes during this pandemic, all but office presentations. PowerPoint presentations and slideshows can be makers or breakers of your, and it is therefore...

Is There A Web-Based Shazam?

Although there is no web-based version of Shazam, there are many web-based alternatives. Here are our top 3 web-based Shazam alternatives: 1. Midomi: Our top choice is Midomi. Midomi is a web-based...

What Temperature Should My PC Parts Be While Gaming?

If you are playing on Medium resolution than temperature should not exceed 60 - 65°C. If its on High resolution than it should not exceed 65 - 70°C. Usually, if you play 4-5 hours than these are...

Why Do People Host Webinars? How Are Webinars Different?

Webinars have gained a ton of popularity in 2020 and the trend is still growing. But why do people host webinars in the first place? And how are they different from a regular video conference?...
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What Are The Best VPN Services 2020?

What Are The Best VPN Services 2020?

If you don't know what it VPN, it's basically a Virtual Private Network that creates a secure and encrypted connection. This connection can be considered as a tunnel between your personal computer or laptop and a server operated by the VPN service. While you're...

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