One of the most irritating problems that both experienced gardeners and gardening enthusiasts face is garden soil termites. This is because termites can ruin everything you worked hard for. Now, how can you get rid of these pests?

First, here’s a few things that you should avoid doing when dealing with termites:

  • Never use insect spray – Some people think that they can get rid of the problem just by using insect spray. This isn’t effective. For one, termites live deep underground in massive numbers that it would be pointless to spray on some of them on the surface. Spraying would only worsen the problem, and make the termites relocate in another part of your garden.
  • Avoid relocating the termites – Some home gardeners would simply shovel the termites then move them far from the property. For the same reasons cited previously, this won’t work. The colony is concealed and the active members are probably already scattered throughout your garden.

Natural Ways To Eliminate Termites

Following are natural ways you can use to completely get rid of termites:

  • Nematodes – The parasitic worms love to feast on termites. The tiny worms can be bought online as well as in specialty stores. Release them in areas where you suspect termite settlements, and where they go out to find food. The nematodes multiply easily, and they will continue to search for termites until there are no more left.
  • Vinegar – You can use the wonder home solution not only to clean your home, but also to get rid of termites. Just combine ½ cup of vinegar with juice from 2 lemons, and you already have an instant termite killer. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray it around the suspected infestation areas. The acidic substance will instantly kill the termites upon contact. Just make sure to spray on a regular basis to catch whatever you failed to kill during the last treatment.
  • Borates – Commonly sold as borax powder, it is effective not only for your laundry, but against termites as well. You can sprinkle the powdered substance on the affected areas or combine it with water for spraying on the suspected areas of infestation. Like when using vinegar, the solution needs to be reapplied to make sure that you reach the entire colony.
  • Orange Oil – Orange oil is rich in d-limonene, a substance that is fatal to termites. The oil is mostly taken from orange peels. It can also be bought from home improvement stores or online. The oil dissolves the termites’ exoskeletons, and make them lose proteins and moisture that, in turn, lead to their death. You can use the spray on affected areas or in areas where you want to prevent infestation.
  • Wet Cardboard – There are two things that termites love: cellulose and water. Get a piece of cardboard and spray some water on it. You are actually setting up a feast for termites – or a bait to lure the termites into settling into the cardboard. Once the termites have settled down, take the cardboard away and burn it. Repeat the process as necessary until you have drawn all the termites out.

Final Word

Termites can do a lot of damage to your garden, and to your home. Follow the tips provided in this post to enjoy a termite-free gardening experience.