About Us

dude-asks-infoHi, I am Bobby aka Dude and my goal here on DudeAsks.com is to provide expert answers to some of the most popular questions out there.

I am very curious by nature, and in my spare time, I enjoy reading about all sorts of topics from quantum mechanics to a list of different types of vegetables (and why they’re good for your health).

I started this website because when I was younger, there were many things that confused me about life in general (like why do we die?).

Now as an adult, it’s hard to find time for anything other than work or family – but it’s not like we don’t have questions!

That’s what DudeAsks is here for… helping people get those confusing questions answered from experts – within a few minutes.

In the main Q&A board on the Homepage, hundreds of people ask various questions and get FAST on-point answers from the experts in the field. That’s how our community basically works…

In our Blog section, my team and I make a very thorough research before answering every question that stands out on the Q&A board on the homepage, so you can expect our answers in our blog posts to be, well, thorough 🙂

We strive to provide the best content with expert answers on our website, so you can learn fun, new stuff like nowhere else!

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