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How To Close Doors In Among Us?

Written by:
Reviewed by: John Alexander
How To Close Doors In Among Us?

As the popularity of Among Us continues to grow, players are discovering new tactics and strategies to outsmart their opponents. One important skill to master is knowing how to close doors to trap unsuspecting crewmates or prevent them from reaching vital areas of the map. While it may seem like a simple task, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll delve into the mechanics of door closing in Among Us and provide step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use this technique to your advantage. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer to the game, this guide will help you sharpen your skills and play a more strategic game.

1. Why Closing Doors Can Be Crucial In Among Us

Closing doors is a powerful strategy in Among Us that can help you deceive and outsmart your opponents. By obstructing certain areas of the map, you can prevent crewmates from discovering dead bodies, isolate players from each other, or even trap unsuspecting players in a room with you. Closing doors has become an essential part of the game and is often used by experienced players to gain an advantage.

One advantage of closing doors is that it can buy you time to escape from a location. For example, if you are caught in the act of sabotaging or killing someone, you can close the door to the room and use this time to escape or vent away. You can also use closed doors to your advantage when trying to fake a task. By closing the door to a room and pretending to do a task, you can avoid suspicion and gain the trust of your fellow crewmates.

Another advantage of closing doors is that it can help you isolate players from each other. This can be especially useful when you’re playing as an Imposter, as it increases the likelihood of successfully eliminating a crewmate without being caught. For example, closing the door to the Electrical room can prevent other players from interrupting you while you’re sabotaging or killing someone.

Ultimately, closing doors can make it more difficult for the crewmates to find out who the Imposters are, causing more confusion and attracting less attention to you. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on how and when you use this strategy, as experienced crewmates may have a counter strategy up their sleeve.

2. The Simple Mechanics Of Closing Doors In Among Us

When playing Among Us, closing doors can be a vital tactic for both imposters and crewmates. As an imposter, it can help in isolating and taking down crewmates, or even in creating diversions while moving around the map. For crewmates, closing doors can either buy time to complete tasks or prevent imposters from making quick escapes.

Fortunately, the mechanics of closing doors in Among Us are straightforward. Firstly, players need to locate the control panel for the specific set of doors they want to close. These panels are usually located in the proximity of the doors or along the corridors leading towards them. Once found, players can interact with the panel to close the doors.

The duration of door closure time may vary depending on the map. On some maps, the doors are only closed for a short duration, while others might keep the doors shut for a longer period- providing ample time for an imposter to set up a trap. It’s also important to note that doors that have been closed can be opened again by either the same player who closed them or other players later on.

To close doors that lead to vents, players must close both doors simultaneously; otherwise, the vent-connected door will remain open, allowing imposters to make a quick getaway. Additionally, multiple sets of doors can be closed at once to impede imposters or even cut off crewmates from reaching certain sections of the map.

Closing doors can also be used in tandem with another crucial in-game utility – the cameras. Players can shut off the lights to dim visibility, making it harder for other players to see or even use the cameras; this can provide cover for an imposter moving in or out of a particular area. Nevertheless, use this tactic with caution as it might signal to other crewmates the imposter is nearby.

In summary, the mechanics of closing doors in Among Us are simple, but its impact on gameplay can be significant. As long as players know where the control panel for the doors is, they can close doors at will, provided the panel isn’t locked, hence buying them precious time or isolating and trapping crewmates.

3. When To Close Doors In Different Areas Of The Map

Closing doors in Among Us can be a powerful tactic to help you win the game. When used strategically, it can throw off your fellow crewmates or give you enough time to carry out your plan without getting caught. But it’s not just about randomly hitting the “Close Doors” button. Here are some instances where you should consider using this tactic in different areas of the map.

1. Electrical Room: Electrical Room is a crucial area of the map as it has many tasks that need to be completed. It’s also a popular spot for imposters to catch unsuspecting crewmates. When you see a fellow crewmate complete a task, you can close the doors to keep them inside the room for a while. This will give the imposter enough time to make a kill without being noticed.

2. Reactor: Reactor is another area of the map that is critical to the crew’s survival. If the imposter manages to sabotage the reactors, the countdown will begin, and the crew has a limited time to respond before the game ends. By closing the doors to the Reactor, you can slow down the crew’s reaction time and increase the chances of the imposter successfully carrying out their plan.

3. Security: Security is a key area where players can monitor the surveillance cameras and catch any suspicious activity. By closing the doors to Security, you can prevent other crew members from entering the room and watching you closely. This will give you enough time to make a kill or sabotage a task without being caught.

To sum it up, closing doors in Among Us is an excellent way to gain a strategic advantage over your fellow crewmates. But it’s important to use this tactic judiciously and at the right time to avoid suspicion. Remember, every move you make in the game can be crucial, so plan ahead and pay close attention to your surroundings.

4. Tips For Using Closed Doors To Your Advantage In Among Us

Closing doors in Among Us can be a game-changer. It can help you isolate and eliminate unsuspecting crewmates or even create confusion and chaos among them. In this section, we’ll share some tips on how to use closed doors to your advantage.

1. Use It As An Alibi

One of the best ways to use closed doors is to create the illusion that you were not near the location where the body was found. If you were the impostor, you could close doors in an area of the map where no one was around, then vent to another location where there were more players and pretend that you had just arrived. By doing this, you could create an alibi that could keep you out of suspicion.

2. Trap Crewmates In Rooms

Another way to use closed doors is to trap crewmates in a room with you. If you’re the impostor, you could lure them to a secluded area of the map, close the doors, and eliminate them without any witnesses. This strategy could work best in areas where there is only one entrance, like the Security room.

3. Use It To Delay Reactor And Oxygen Sabotage Tasks

Closing doors can also be used to delay the completion of reactor and oxygen sabotage tasks. This is an effective strategy to buy yourself more time to eliminate crewmates, or if you’re not the impostor, to investigate suspicious players without them fixing the sabotaged area. For instance, if you’re in Admin and you see that Oxygen has been sabotaged, you can close the doors in the cafeteria to delay the fix and possibly catch the impostor in the act.

Using closed doors can be both a defensive and an offensive strategy, depending on how you use it. It’s important to note that your use of this mechanic should be strategic and not arbitrary. If used poorly, you could only draw attention to yourself, or worse, make yourself look more suspicious.

5. Counter-Strategies For When Doors Are Closed In Among Us

When doors are closed in Among Us, it can be an advantage for the imposters. However, there are counter-strategies that crewmates can apply to still complete their tasks and catch the imposters. Here are some tips:

1. Stay Alert

One of the key is to stay alert. Keep an eye on your surroundings, and be mindful of any suspicious activity. If you see someone venting or acting strangely, report it immediately. It is also essential to keep an eye on your task bar and keep track of which tasks your crewmates have already completed.

2. Stick Together

When doors are closed in Among Us, it can be difficult to complete tasks alone. Imposters may be lurking around, waiting to strike. To counter this, stick together with your crewmates. Move around in pairs or groups to ensure that you have each other’s backs. This will also make it more challenging for imposters to make a kill without being detected.

3. Utilize Security Cameras

Another counter-strategy to take advantage of is utilizing security cameras. If you are playing on a map with security cameras, keep an eye on them to see where your crewmates are. If someone suddenly disappears from the camera, there is a good chance they have been vented or killed. Use this information to report any suspicious activity immediately.

In conclusion, when doors are closed in Among Us, it is crucial to stay alert, stick together with your crewmates, and utilize security cameras. By doing so, you can increase your chances of catching the imposters and completing your tasks successfully. Don’t forget to communicate with your fellow crewmates and report any suspicious activity immediately.

People Also Ask

How do I close doors in Among Us?

As an impostor in Among Us, you can close doors to trap crewmates. To close doors, click on the map icon on the lower-right section of the screen, select a room, and then click the “Sabotage” button followed by the “Close Doors” button.

Can crewmates close doors in Among Us?

Crewmates cannot close doors in Among Us. Only impostors have the ability to close doors.

How long do doors stay closed in Among Us?

Doors in Among Us stay closed for ten seconds before automatically opening again. Alternatively, the impostor can open them prematurely by clicking the “Open Doors” button.

What is the cooldown for closing doors in Among Us?

The cooldown for closing doors in Among Us is ten seconds. Once the button is used, there is a ten-second delay before it can be used again.

Why are closed doors suspicious in Among Us?

Closed doors in Among Us are suspicious because only the impostor has the ability to close them. Crewmates may suspect that an impostor is nearby and trying to trap them if they come across a closed door.


Closing doors in Among Us is one of the key tactics that impostors use to isolate and eliminate crewmates. Knowing how to close doors is essential for impostors, as it allows them to separate their targets, making it easier to take them out without being seen. For crewmates, being aware of closed doors is important since it can be a sign that there is an impostor nearby.

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