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How To Get a Mending Villager?

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Reviewed by: John Alexander
How To Get a Mending Villager?

Are you tired of repairing your tools and armor every time they break? If so, you’re in luck. Mending is one of the most sought-after enchantments in Minecraft, as it can repair your items with experience orbs instead of diamonds or other materials. The only problem is getting your hands on a villager who will trade it to you. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to track down a Mending villager and finally upgrade your gear. From finding villages to trading strategies, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to start the hunt for your very own Mending villager.

1. What is a Mending Villager and Why Should You Want One?

In Minecraft, players can trade with villagers to obtain various items, including enchanted books. Out of all the enchanted books, the Mending book is undoubtedly one of the most valuable and useful ones. When applied to a tool or weapon, the Mending enchantment allows you to repair it by gaining experience orbs. However, getting a Mending book can be quite challenging and time-consuming, which is where a Mending Villager comes in.

A Mending Villager is a type of villager that offers the Mending book as part of his trades. These villagers are rare and highly valuable, as they allow players to obtain Mending books much easier and more efficiently. Players trade emeralds with Mending Villagers to get the Mending books, which can then be used to repair their gear.

Obtaining a Mending Villager is not an easy task, and players have to explore and interact with numerous villages before locating one. However, when players do find a Mending Villager, they will have access to the Mending book and an easier way to repair their gear, making the search worth it.

Why Should You Want One?

Players should strive to get a Mending Villager because the Mending enchantment is one of the most important and useful enchantments in Minecraft. Without a Mending Villager, players would have to rely on finding and killing Endermen, or fishing to get Mending books, which can be extremely time-consuming and tedious processes.

With a Mending Villager, players can easily trade emeralds for Mending books, and repair their tools and weapons quickly and efficiently, making their Minecraft gameplay experience much more enjoyable and streamlined. Therefore, getting a Mending Villager is a priority for players who want to improve their Minecraft gameplay experience.

2. How to Locate a Village and Villagers in Minecraft

Before you can start trading with villagers for mending books, you first need to find a village. Villages are generated structures in Minecraft where you can find villagers, who are the key to getting mending books. In this section, we will discuss how you can locate villages and villagers in Minecraft.

Look for Villages While Exploring

While wandering around Minecraft world, you might stumble across a village by chance. Villages are usually located in flat areas and can spawn in any biome except for Mushroom Island biome, icebergs, and other biomes that don’t have much space to build on. If you explore the world enough, you might come across a village.

Use a Map

If you want to locate a village quickly, you can use a map. In Minecraft, you can craft a map by surrounding a compass with paper. When you craft the map, it will show your current location as well as any nearby villages as small icons. Just follow the icons until you reach the village.

Use a Village Finder Tool

Alternatively, you can use an online village finder tool to locate a village. These tools use Minecraft’s seed to generate a map of the world that shows the location of all the villages. You can enter the seed of your Minecraft world, and the tool will show the coordinates of the nearest villages. This method is especially useful if you can’t find a village while exploring or if you want to find a village quickly.

In conclusion, finding a village where you can trade with villagers is the first step to getting mending books in Minecraft. You can find villages by exploring, using a map, or a village finder tool. Once you have found a village, you can start trading with the villagers to obtain mending books.

3. Top Tips for Trading with Villagers to Get Mending Books

Trading with villagers is one of the easiest ways to get Mending books in Minecraft. However, it can be a little tricky to get the right trade deals. In this section, we will be discussing some top tips that will help you get the best deals with your villagers.

Know Your Villagers

First and foremost, it is important to understand that each villager has its own set of trades. Before you start trading, make sure you know what trades are available from your villagers. You can identify the type of villager by the way it looks, its profession, and the type of block they are fond of.

Manipulate the Supply and Demand System

To get favorable trade deals, you need to manipulate the supply and demand system of the villagers. If you trade too frequently with a villager, the prices for items you want will increase while the prices for items you don’t want will decrease. Similarly, if you don’t trade with a villager for a while, the prices for items you want will decrease, but the prices for other items will go up. So, it’s important to plan your trades carefully to get the best deals.

Use Your Trading Station Effectively

Using your trading station effectively can help you maximize your trades. Conveniently placing your trading station near the villagers can make them more accessible, and it also allows you to trade at specific times when the villagers can’t run away or get distracted. Also, using your trading station isn’t always required as you can trade directly with the villagers as well.

These tips will definitely help you get the most out of your trades with villagers. Lastly, it is important to keep in mind that it can take time to find a Mending villager, so be patient and keep trading with other villagers to improve your chances.

4. How to Safeguard Mending Villagers from Zombies and Raiding Parties

Once you have found a Mending Villager, it’s time to put in measures to protect them from zombies and raiding parties. Here’s how you can keep your valuable Villager trader safe:

Build a Secure Village

Your first step to protect a Mending Villager should start with the village they reside in. Building a secure village with walls and sufficient lighting will prevent zombies from entering during terrifying sieges. Use iron golems to guard the village borders, and be sure to keep an eye on your Village population.

Name Your Mending Villager

Naming a Villager can prevent other players from reassigning their profession, which is useful for preserving your Mending Villager’s valuable trade. To name a Villager, use a Name Tag on it, which you can typically buy from a wandering trader or fish up as treasure.

Keep Your Mending Villager Under Lock and Key

Creating a secure area, such as a building or fenced-in space, where your Mending Villager can live and trade peacefully, is integral. Heighten the security by adding an iron door to their house, and add a fence rail and gates to ensure that Villagers and other helpful mobs (like iron golems) can safely navigate around.

By following these simple steps, you’re well on your way to a fully-protected and thriving village, complete with a Mending Villager offering you the highly-coveted Mending Book trade. With careful planning and due diligence, your Mending Villager will quickly become one of your most valuable assets in Minecraft.

5. What to Do if You Can’t Find a Mending Villager: Alternatives to Obtain Mending Books

While a Mending Villager is the most convenient way to acquire Mending Books, they can be difficult to find or even non-existent in some worlds. However, there are still other methods to obtain Mending Books in Minecraft. In this section, we will discuss alternative ways to obtain this valuable enchantment.

1. Fishing
Fishing can be a lucrative way to acquire Mending Books. Although fishing is random, there is a chance that a Mending Book can be caught. It is best to fish in open water with a rod that is enchanted with Luck of the Sea and Lure. These enchantments will increase the likelihood of catching treasure, which includes Mending Books.

2. Librarian Zombie Villagers
Zombie Villagers that have been cured can offer valuable trades, including Mending Books. To turn a Zombie Villager into a cured villager, splashing it with a Potion of Weakness, then feeding it a Golden Apple should suffice. Once they have been cured, the player can acquire Mending Books in the same way as with regular Villagers.

3. End City Loot
End Cities are structures that are found in The End dimension. These structures have a chance to contain Mending Books in their chests. It is recommended that the player come prepared with good armor, weapons, and supplies to take on the dangers in the End.

While a Mending Villager is the easiest and most convenient option, these alternatives provide players with a chance to obtain Mending Books without relying on Villagers. The key is to have patience and persistence when searching for these alternatives.

People Also Ask

What is a Mending Villager?

A Mending Villager is a type of villager in Minecraft that trades Mending enchanted books for emeralds. This enchantment repairs items’ durability using experience orbs.

How do I find a Mending Villager?

You can find a Mending Villager by searching through villages and trading with every librarian villager until one of them offers the Mending trade. You can also use a Villager trading hall to increase your chances of finding a Mending Villager.

Can I cure a zombie villager into a Mending Villager?

Yes, you can cure a zombie villager using a Splash Potion of Weakness and a Golden Apple. Once cured, the zombie villager will have a new profession that you can assign them to, and eventually trade with them to become a Mending Villager.

How do I make sure a Mending Villager doesn’t change professions?

To ensure that a Mending Villager doesn’t change professions, you need to trade with them at least once to lock in their profession. You also need to make sure they have access to their respective workstation, which should be within their proximity.

What is the best way to obtain emeralds for trading with a Mending Villager?

You can obtain emeralds for trading with a Mending Villager by trading with other villagers, looting structures such as igloos and desert temples, and by mining emerald ore in the Extreme Hills biome. Another way to obtain emeralds is by farming and selling crops, such as wheat and potatoes.


Mending Villagers can be very useful in Minecraft because they offer Mending enchanted books that can repair your tools and weapons with experience orbs. Finding a Mending Villager can be tricky, but trading with villagers regularly or curing zombie villagers can help. Once you find a Mending Villager, make sure to lock in their profession and give them access to their workstations to prevent them from changing professions. Lastly, to obtain emeralds for trading with a Mending Villager, you can trade with other villagers, loot structures, mine for ore, or farm and sell crops.

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