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How To Get On Famous Birthdays?

How To Get On Famous Birthdays?

In this age of social media, having a presence on various platforms has become more important than ever. For many, being featured on Famous Birthdays has become a marker of social media success. This platform, which features profiles of popular celebrities and rising stars, has become a go-to destination for fans seeking information on their favorite influencers. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can get on Famous Birthdays and what it can do for your social media presence. Whether you’re an up-and-coming influencer or simply looking to increase your visibility online, read on to learn how to make it onto this popular website.

1. What is Famous Birthdays and why it matters for social media influencers


Famous Birthdays is a website that curates a database of celebrity birthdays and profiles. The website primarily features individuals who have achieved notoriety through their social media presence, including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok. Famous Birthdays provides users with a platform to discover and learn more about influential personalities across various niches.

For social media influencers, being listed on Famous Birthdays is a significant achievement. It not only serves as a testament to their success but also provides them with exposure to a broader audience. Being featured on Famous Birthdays can lead to increased followers, collaborations, and potential brand deals.

To get listed on Famous Birthdays, influencers must meet specific criteria. They need to have a substantial online presence and have a significant following on at least one social media platform. The website also considers an individual’s impact on their niche, community, and society when featuring them on their platform.

Famous Birthdays matters for social media influencers due to the extensive audience the platform attracts. For instance, Popular Opinion Leader identified Famous Birthdays as the third most visited website by Generation Z after Google and YouTube. As a result, being on Famous Birthdays makes it easy for influencers to reach their target audience, establish themselves as an authority in their niche, and build credibility.


In summary, Famous Birthdays is a powerful tool for social media influencers looking to expand their reach and gain more exposure. With a comprehensive database of notable individuals across various niches, getting listed on Famous Birthdays can significantly boost your online presence. In the subsequent sections, we will discuss strategies for improving your online presence to get featured on Famous Birthdays and the do’s and don’ts when submitting yourself or someone else for Famous Birthdays.

2. Strategies for improving your online presence to get featured on Famous Birthdays

If you’re an influencer looking to get featured on Famous Birthdays, you’ll first want to focus on improving your online presence. Here are some strategies to consider:

1. Build a Strong Social Media Following

One of the main factors that Famous Birthdays considers when featuring influencers is their social media following. To increase your chances of being featured, focus on building a strong following on your social media platforms. This can include consistently posting engaging content, interacting with your followers, and using hashtags to increase your visibility.

2. Create High-Quality Content

Another crucial factor that Famous Birthdays considers is the quality of your content. To improve your chances of being featured, focus on creating high-quality content that embodies your brand and engages your followers. This can include using high-quality images, creating entertaining videos, and writing compelling captions.

3. Network with Other Influencers

Networking with other influencers in your niche can help increase your exposure and credibility. By collaborating with other influencers and appearing in their content, you can gain more followers and increase your chances of being featured on Famous Birthdays.

In summary, improving your online presence is a crucial step in getting featured on Famous Birthdays. By building a strong social media following, creating high-quality content, and networking with other influencers, you can increase your exposure and credibility in the social media world.

3. The dos and don’ts when submitting yourself or someone else for Famous Birthdays

When submitting yourself or someone else for Famous Birthdays, there are certain dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind. This section will cover some of the best practices that you should follow and also some common mistakes that you should avoid.

The dos

1. Be truthful
Make sure that you provide accurate information when submitting a person for Famous Birthdays. The site has a team that verifies every submission before it gets posted. If they find any false information, they will likely reject the submission. So, make sure that you only submit the correct information.

2. Keep it concise
When writing the bio for the person you are submitting, try to keep it short and to the point. Famous Birthdays allows only 160 characters for the bio. So, make every character count and try to include the most important details about the person.

3. Use relevant hashtags
Hashtags are a great way to help Famous Birthdays categorize submissions. So, try to include relevant hashtags related to the person’s niche or profession. For example, if the person is a makeup artist, include #makeup or #beauty in your submission.

The don’ts

1. Don’t exaggerate
While it’s great to showcase the person’s achievements, avoid using hyperbole or exaggerating their accomplishments. Stick to the facts and don’t overstate their achievements. Remember that Famous Birthdays verifies every submission for accuracy.

2. Don’t submit incomplete information
When submitting someone for Famous Birthdays, make sure that you provide all the required information. This includes the person’s full name, birthdate, birthplace, occupation, and a short bio. Incomplete submissions are likely to get rejected.

3. Don’t submit inappropriate content
Avoid submitting anything that is inappropriate or offensive. Famous Birthdays has a strict policy against posting any content that is deemed inappropriate or offensive. So, make sure that you submit only family-friendly and appropriate content.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can increase your chances of getting your submission accepted by Famous Birthdays. Keep in mind that getting featured can help boost your social media following and credibility, so it’s worth putting in the effort to make a great submission.

4. How to leverage Famous Birthdays to boost your social media following and credibility

Getting featured on Famous Birthdays can be a stepping stone for social media influencers in building their personal brand and credibility. In this section, we’ll share some tips on how to maximize your presence on Famous Birthdays to increase your social media following and establish your credibility in the niche.

1. Optimize your Famous Birthdays profile

Make sure your profile on Famous Birthdays is up-to-date and complete. Add a profile picture, bio, and links to your social media profiles. Also, make sure that your profile is accurately categorized and tagged with relevant keywords so that users can easily find your profile.

2. Utilize your Famous Birthdays page as a marketing tool

Your Famous Birthdays page is an excellent marketing tool that can help you attract new followers and increase your social media following. Use it to promote exclusive content and offers, announce collaborations with other influencers, and share links to your latest content. Remember to make your posts engaging and interactive to encourage users to follow, like, and share your content.

3. Use Famous Birthdays as social proof

Your presence on Famous Birthdays can serve as social proof of your credibility and popularity as an influencer. Use your Famous Birthdays page to showcase your work, achievements, and partnerships with other influencers or brands. Make sure to highlight any accolades or awards you’ve received and share testimonials from satisfied clients or followers.

In conclusion, leveraging your presence on Famous Birthdays can help you reach new audiences, establish your credibility, and increase your social media following. To maximize your results, optimize your page, use it as a marketing tool, and use it as social proof of your expertise. With these tips, you can take your influencer marketing game to the next level.

5. Other platforms similar to Famous Birthdays that you should consider for exposure

Apart from Famous Birthdays, there are other platforms that can provide increased exposure for social media influencers. These platforms have a similar audience and share the same goal of providing information about popular celebrities, influencers, and public figures. Here are some of the platforms that are worth exploring:

1. IMDb Pro

IMDb Pro is a database that features information about creatives, actors, writers, and public figures in the entertainment industry. With IMDb Pro, you can create a digital profile for yourself, build a network, and get discovered by potential industry contacts. IMDb Pro also provides access to job listings, casting notices, and industry news.

2. Celebrity Net Worth

Celebrity Net Worth is a platform that provides insight into the financial status of popular celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influential people. They provide information on public figures’ net worth, money flow, and any investments or businesses that they might have. As a social media influencer, being featured on Celebrity Net Worth can help increase your credibility and authority to your audience.

3. Wikia

Wikia is a popular fandom community platform that offers information about movies, TV shows, video games, and popular culture. Wikia covers a broad range of topics and features a variety of content created and curated by its active community of users. As a social media influencer, you can leverage Wikia to create engaging content and build a following among a community of like-minded individuals.

These platforms are just a few examples of the various platforms available for social media influencers to boost their exposure. Be sure to research, study, and choose a platform that best suits your niche and target audience. Leveraging these platforms can help increase your social media presence, reach new viewers, and ultimately help expand your own brand.

People Also Ask

What is Famous Birthdays?

Famous Birthdays is a website that publishes information about popular celebrities, influencers, and notable people, including their birthdays, age, height, and other personal details.

What are the benefits of being on Famous Birthdays?

Being on Famous Birthdays can help increase your public profile and reach a larger audience, which can lead to new opportunities, such as sponsorships and collaborations. It can also help establish your credibility and recognition as a public figure or influencer.

How do I get on Famous Birthdays?

To get on Famous Birthdays, you must have a significant following on social media or be a well-known public figure. You can submit a request to Famous Birthdays to be added to their database, but they may only accept individuals who meet their criteria.

What criteria does Famous Birthdays use when selecting people to feature?

Famous Birthdays looks for individuals who have significant social media followings or are well-known public figures in their respective fields. They also review each submission carefully to ensure that the individual meets their standards for credibility and relevancy.

Does Famous Birthdays charge to feature people on their website?

No, Famous Birthdays does not charge individuals to feature them on their website. However, they may only accept individuals who meet their criteria for credibility and relevancy.


Getting on Famous Birthdays can be a great way to increase your public profile and reach a larger audience. To be featured on their website, you must have a significant following on social media or be a well-known public figure in your respective field. Submitting a request to Famous Birthdays is the first step, but meeting their criteria for credibility and relevancy is essential.



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