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How To Get Rid Of Ads On Hulu?

Written by:
Reviewed by: Sara Madsen
How To Get Rid Of Ads On Hulu?

Are you tired of watching your favorite show on Hulu, only to have it interrupted by pesky ads? If you’re getting frustrated with the ads on Hulu, you’re not alone. While the streaming service offers a vast selection of TV shows and movies, their ads can be intrusive and interruptive. But fear not, there are various methods of getting rid of ads on Hulu, and we’re here to guide you through them. In this article, we’ll explain how to enjoy Hulu without interruptions by removing those pesky ads from your streaming experience. So, sit back, relax, and let’s get started!

1. Introduction to the Problem: The Annoying Ads on Hulu

Hulu is a popular streaming service that offers a broad range of shows and movies for its subscribers. However, watching your favorite shows on Hulu often results in annoying ads that interrupt your viewing. Hulu’s ads are unavoidable; they appear frequently and interfere with your entertainment experience.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Hulu’s advertisements is that they reduce your streaming quality and consume a considerable amount of your internet data. Furthermore, these ads can often be irrelevant or repetitive, which detracts from your overall viewing experience. While these ads are an essential source of revenue for Hulu, they can be irritating for viewers who want to watch their shows without interruption.

Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of ads on Hulu, from using ad blockers to subscribing to ad-free plans, and in this article, we’ll be exploring them in detail. So, let’s get started!

2. Understand the Different Types of Ads on Hulu

Understanding the various types of ads on Hulu can help you identify the best way to get rid of them. Here are the three main categories of ads:

1. Traditional Commercials

These are the ads that resemble regular television commercials. They can be 15-60 seconds long and are shown at various points during the content you’re streaming. Some of these ads are skippable, while others force you to watch them in their entirety.

2. Hulu Interactive Ads

These ads are typically less than 30 seconds long and are designed to be interactive. Instead of passively watching the ad, you’ll be prompted to engage with the content in some way.

3. Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is designed to blend in with the content you’re streaming. They can be in the form of short commercials or even full-length episodes. You’ll usually see sponsored content by brands or companies that have a partnership with Hulu.

Knowing the different types of ads is important because some ad-blocking methods may only work for specific types of ads. For example, some ad-blockers may only block traditional commercials, while others may be able to block Hulu Interactive Ads as well. Once you know the types of ads you’re dealing with, you can move on to finding the most effective way to stop them.

3. The Most Effective Ways to Stop Ads on Hulu

If you’re using the free version of Hulu, you know how annoying ads can be. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of ads on Hulu, giving you the freedom to watch your favorite shows without any interruption. Here are .

Upgrade to Hulu No Ads Plan
One of the easiest ways to get rid of ads on Hulu is by upgrading to the Hulu No Ads plan. This plan allows you to watch all your favorite shows and movies without any ads. This plan comes with a higher price tag than the regular version, but it’s worth it if you value your time and don’t want to sit through commercials. The Hulu No Ads Plan costs around $11.99 per month.

Use Third-Party Video Downloaders
Another effective way to stop ads on Hulu is to use third-party video downloaders such as Video DownloadHelper, Freemake Video Downloader, or aTube Catcher. These video downloaders allow you to download videos from sites like Hulu, offering ad-free playback on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. You can then transfer the downloaded videos to your TV and watch them without any ads. Keep in mind that using third-party video downloaders may be against Hulu’s terms of service, use at your own discretion.

Get Rid of Ads on Hulu with Ad Blockers
Another effective way to get rid of ads on Hulu is by using ad blockers. Ad blockers are software programs that block ads on websites, including Hulu. AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin, and AdGuard are some of the most popular ad blocker extensions available. To use an ad blocker, you need to add it to your web browser. Once added, the ad blocker extension will automatically block ads on the sites you visit, including Hulu. Keep in mind that some ad blockers may not work with Hulu or may work for some time before Hulu finds a way to bypass them.

These are the most effective ways to get rid of ads on Hulu. Try using these methods and enjoy your Hulu experience ad-free.

4. How to Use Third-Party Ad Blockers on Hulu

If you have tried the previously mentioned methods but still encounter unwanted ads on Hulu, there is another solution – using third-party ad blockers. Many ad blockers work on different platforms, including Hulu, and are available for free or for a fee. Here’s how to use them:

Step 1: Choose and Install the Ad Blocker

You can find third-party ad blockers that work on Hulu via a simple internet search. Some popular choices include Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, and AdGuard. Once you have chosen the ad blocker of your choice, simply download and install it on your device.

Step 2: Enable the Ad Blocker

Once the ad blocker is installed, you need to enable it to start running. The process of enabling an ad blocker varies depending on the particular program you are using. Generally, you need to visit the settings section of your ad blocker program and adjust the settings to ensure the tool is enabled for Hulu pages and videos.

Step 3: Enjoy Ad-Free Hulu Viewing

With the ad blocker enabled, you can now enjoy all your favorite Hulu programs ad-free. It is essential to note that ad blockers may sometimes interfere with the functioning of your Hulu site. Therefore, check to see that the ad blocker is not flagged by Hulu, and also reduce the number of ad blocker browsers you use simultaneously to avoid any conflicts.

Using a third-party ad blocker can be an effective and efficient way of blocking unwanted ads on Hulu. It is essential to choose a reputable ad blocker, install it correctly, and monitor any issues that may arise when the ad block is running.

5. The Pros and Cons of Disabling Ads on Hulu

Disabling ads on Hulu may seem like a dream come true for many users who despise them. However, there are both pros and cons to consider before deciding to disable ads. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

Pros of Disabling Ads on Hulu

  • No more interruptions: One of the biggest pros of disabling ads on Hulu is that you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies without any interruptions. This means you don’t have to sit through those annoying ads or wait for them to finish.
  • Save time: By disabling ads, you can save a considerable amount of time as you won’t have to sit through the ads. This is particularly beneficial if you are binge-watching multiple episodes in one sitting.
  • Enhanced viewing experience: With no ads popping up every few minutes, your viewing experience is enhanced. You can follow the storyline and characters more effectively, and the show or movie feels more cohesive.

Cons of Disabling Ads on Hulu

  • Possible increase in subscription costs: The primary source of revenue for streaming services like Hulu is through advertising. By disabling ads, you are depriving them of revenue, and as a result, they may increase subscription costs to cover their losses.
  • Limited content: Some content on Hulu is only available with ads. By disabling ads, you may miss out on certain shows or movies altogether, or you may have to pay extra to access them.
  • No support for content creators: By skipping ads, you are not supporting the content creators who rely on advertising revenue. This can hinder their ability to produce high-quality content or continue their work.

Before disabling ads on Hulu, weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s worth it for you. If you decide to disable ads, keep in mind that it may result in increased subscription costs, limited content, and lack of support for content creators.

6. What to Do If Ad Blocking Doesn’t Work on Hulu

Despite trying different third-party ad blockers, some users still experience ads while streaming on Hulu. In this section, we will discuss and how to minimize the number of ads you see.

Contact Hulu Support

The first step should be to reach out to Hulu support for assistance. You can contact Hulu’s customer service team via their website, phone, or live chat. Explain the issue you are having and the efforts you have made to stop the ads, and the support team should be able to assist you further. However, keep in mind that the representatives may not have access to the tools required to remove all ads.

Switch to a Premium Plan

If you are still having trouble with ads, consider upgrading to a premium Hulu plan. Hulu’s ad-supported plan offers ads alongside the content, while the premium plan is ad-free. Although it may cost more, it can be worth it if you stream content on Hulu regularly and find the ads interruptive.

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Clearing the browser cache and cookies can also help get rid of ads while streaming on Hulu. This is because Hulu uses cookies to serve targeted ads to its users. Clearing the cache and cookies can reset the targeted ads and may reduce the number of ads you see.

In conclusion, if ad blocking doesn’t work on Hulu, try contacting Hulu’s customer support, switching to a premium plan, or clearing your browser cache and cookies. Although eliminating all ads may not be possible, these steps should help reduce the number of ads.

7. Conclusion: Enjoy Your Hulu Experience Ad-Free

If you have been struggling with the ads on Hulu every time you try to watch your favorite shows, it’s time to take action and get rid of them. There are several ways to disable these ads and have an uninterrupted streaming experience. Let’s take a look at some of the solutions we covered in this article.

1. Try Ad Blockers to Stop Ads on Hulu

Ad blockers are a great solution if you want to stop all ads from appearing on your Hulu account. There are various ad blockers available online, but not all of them work effectively for Hulu. It’s important to choose a trusted third-party extension that is regularly updated to ensure that it can block all ads on Hulu.

2. Explore Subscription Plans that Offer Ad-Free Hulu

Another way to enjoy Hulu without any ads is to subscribe to the ad-free version of Hulu. This option is more expensive than the regular subscription, but for those who hate ads, the cost may be worth it. With an ad-free subscription, you can watch all your favorite shows without any interruption or distraction.

3. Consider Upgrading Your Hulu Plan

If you don’t want to pay for an ad-free subscription, but still want to limit the number of ads you see, upgrading your Hulu plan may be a good option. This plan offers fewer ads and more content, which can help to minimize the number of interruptions you experience while watching Hulu.

In conclusion, the ads on Hulu can be very annoying, but there are several ways to get rid of them. Whether you choose to use ad blockers, subscribe to the ad-free plan or upgrade your plan, you can enjoy your favorite shows without any distractions. Try out these solutions and enjoy a seamless streaming experience on Hulu.

People Also Ask

1. Can you watch Hulu without ads?

Yes, you can watch Hulu without ads by subscribing to Hulu’s No Ads plan, which costs around $11.99 per month. This plan allows you to stream ad-free content across all your devices, including Hulu originals and shows.

2. How do I stop ads on Hulu for free?

There’s no free method to stop ads on Hulu. But, you can try using an adblocker extension on your browser while streaming Hulu to block ads. Alternatively, some third-party websites offer ad-free Hulu streaming, but it’s not a legitimate way and may result in malware or virus infection.

3. Why are there so many ads on Hulu?

Hulu’s primary source of revenue is through ad placements, which is why the platform offers both ad-supported and ad-free subscription models. Hulu typically shows around six to eight ads per 30-minute episode and 12-16 ads per 60-minute episode.

4. Is Hulu without ads worth it?

It depends on your preferences. If you don’t mind watching ads and want to save some money, the ad-supported Hulu subscription is worth it. However, if you find ads distracting and want a seamless streaming experience, then subscribing to Hulu’s No Ads plan is a better option.

5. Can I upgrade to Hulu without ads mid-season?

Yes, you can upgrade from Hulu’s ad-supported plan to its No Ads plan mid-season. However, you’ll need to pay the prorated difference, which means you’ll only pay for the remaining cost of the current billing period plus the next billing period.


If you’re tired of watching ads on Hulu, your best bet is to subscribe to their No Ads plan. Though it may cost more, subscribing to Hulu’s No Ads plan ensures that you have uninterrupted streaming, without the distraction of ads. You can upgrade to this plan at any time, and it allows you to watch ad-free content across all your devices. Alternatively, you can try using an adblocker extension while streaming Hulu, although it’s not foolproof, and you may still see a few ads.

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