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How To Make a Cartography Table?

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Reviewed by: John Alexander
How To Make a Cartography Table?

Are you a passionate gamer looking to improve your Minecraft skills? Have you ever wondered how to make a cartography table within the game? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered. A cartography table is a valuable tool for any Minecraft player wanting to explore the world and create maps. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of crafting a cartography table step by step, so you can start mapping out your travels and expanding your Minecraft empire. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, our guide is accessible and easy to follow. So grab your crafting materials and let’s get started!

1. What is a Cartography Table and How Does It Work in Minecraft?

How To Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft

If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast, you might have come across the cartography table. But, what is it, and how does it work in Minecraft? A cartography table is a block that allows players to create and customize maps. It is a handy item when exploring the vast Minecraft universe. The cartography table shows areas that have been explored and allows the player to mark out areas of interest, including various structures.

The cartography table works in a way that it takes an existing map and allows the player to copy it and expand it to cover new areas. With this item, you can enhance and enlarge a map by combining two or more maps into one. Additionally, you can clone a map, making multiple copies to share with other players. The cartography table offers the players a higher level of control and customization, making it an essential tool in Minecraft.

2. The Materials You’ll Need: A Comprehensive Guide to Gather Resources

Before you can make a cartography table, you need to gather the required resources. Here are the materials you’ll require:

4 Wooden Planks: Wooden planks are the primary building blocks in Minecraft. You can make them by placing wooden logs onto a crafting table. One wood block produces four planks, enabling you to make the table.

2 Paper: You will need paper to add to your map and make it larger. You can create paper by combining sugarcane, which you can find growing near water, and crafting a paper with three reeds.

2 Ink Sac: You will require ink sacs to craft one map. You find them by killing squids in water bodies, and they drop ink when killed.

With these materials gathered, you can now move on to the next step, which is crafting the cartography table.

2. The Materials You’ll Need: A Comprehensive Guide to Gather Resources

Before we dive into the actual crafting process of a cartography table, let’s first identify and gather all the required materials. Unlike other items in Minecraft, the cartography table requires specific resources that can only be found in certain locations.

The Required Materials

1. Four Wooden Planks

You will need four wooden planks of the same type to craft a cartography table. These planks can be obtained by placing wood logs into the crafting table. Oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak are the six types of wood available in the game.

2. Two Paper Sheets

Paper sheets can be crafted by placing sugar cane into a crafting table. Sugar cane grows near water, so keep an eye out for them near rivers, lakes, and oceans.

3. One Compass

To craft a compass, place four iron ingots and one redstone dust in the crafting table. Iron ingots can be obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace, and redstone dust is found underground in the form of redstone ore.

Once you’ve gathered all the required materials, you’re ready to proceed with the crafting process. But before that, it’s important to note that the cartography table can only be crafted in the crafting table, and not in the player’s inventory.

3. Crafting a Cartography Table: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learning how to craft a cartography table is an essential skill for Minecraft players who want to enhance their map-making abilities. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to craft this useful tool.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before you can craft a cartography table, you’ll need to gather the following resources:

  • 4 wooden planks
  • 2 pieces of paper

You can obtain wooden planks by chopping down trees with an axe or by trading with villagers. Collecting paper requires you to have a sugarcane farm. Harvest the sugarcane and use it to make paper in the crafting table.

Step 2: Open Crafting Menu

Once you’ve collected all of the required materials, open the crafting menu. Arrange the wooden planks in a square shape in the crafting grid. Go to the next cell and place the 2 pieces of paper.

Pro Tip: Make sure you place the wooden planks and paper in the correct order. Placing them differently will result in an entirely different item.

Step 3: Craft a Cartography Table

After correctly positioning the wooden planks and paper in the crafting menu, you’ll obtain a cartography table. Now you’re ready to use it to create maps!

Fun Fact: A single cartography table can be used unlimited times.

Crafting a cartography table is a straightforward process and is an excellent addition to your Minecraft arsenal. Use it in conjunction with a compass to help you navigate and explore Minecraft worlds with ease.

4. How to Use a Cartography Table for Map Crafting and Exploration

A cartography table is an essential tool for map crafting and exploration in Minecraft. With this table, players can create and customize their own maps to help them navigate the game’s vast world.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Cartography Table

To use a cartography table, follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the table in an open area that is free from any obstructions.
  2. Equip a regular map in your inventory, and then right-click on the cartography table.
  3. The interface will show all the maps in your inventory, select the map that you want to edit from the list.
  4. The map will appear on the table, and you’ll notice that it now has a red border.
  5. Customize the map by using a variety of resources such as paper and dyes. You can also show or hide certain map features like villages, biome, and structures.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with the changes you made, click on the “Create” button to generate a new map.
  7. The new map will be added to your inventory, and you can now use it to explore the Minecraft world.

Benefits of Using a Cartography Table

Using a cartography table has several benefits for Minecraft players. For one, it allows them to create more detailed and accurate maps of the game’s world, which can be used for navigation or to plan expeditions and adventures. Additionally, players can customize their maps to highlight certain features like settlements, landmarks, or resource-rich areas, making it easier to find the exact location they’re looking for.

Another benefit is that the cartography table allows players to copy and duplicate maps, which can be shared with other players. This is especially helpful in multiplayer games, where players can work together to create more comprehensive maps of the game’s world.

Overall, the cartography table is a versatile tool that can significantly enhance the Minecraft gaming experience. With its map crafting and customization capabilities, it’s an essential tool that no serious Minecraft player should be without.

5. Tips and Tricks for Cartography Table Upgrade and Customization

One of the great things about Minecraft is the ability to customize your gameplay experience. The cartography table is no exception. Here are some tips and tricks for upgrading and customizing your cartography table.

Upgrade Your Cartography Table

Upgrading your cartography table is a great way to increase its functionality. To upgrade, simply place your cartography table next to a bookshelf, and it will turn into a “Lectern.” This allows you to add written books to the lectern, which will then display the book’s contents on the top of the cartography table. This is particularly helpful for keeping track of your maps and notes.

Customize Your Maps

Another way to enhance your cartography table experience is to customize your maps. When creating a new map, you can select the “Clone” option to create a duplicate of your map. From there, you can use an anvil to name your map, which will be displayed on the map’s tooltip. You can also add markers to your map by using the map item frame.

Get Creative with Banner Patterns

One unique feature of the cartography table is the ability to add banner patterns to your maps. To do this, you’ll need to create a banner with your desired design. Then, combine the banner with the map in the cartography table to transfer the pattern onto the map. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your maps.

Overall, the cartography table is a useful tool for map crafting and exploration in Minecraft. By upgrading and customizing your cartography table, you can make it even more useful and enjoyable to use.

6. Cartography Table vs. Compass: The Pros and Cons You Need to Know

When it comes to map crafting and navigation in Minecraft, two essential tools are the Cartography Table and the Compass. The Cartography Table is used to create and customize maps, while the Compass is used to show the direction of a player’s spawn point and the location of the world’s spawn point. Here, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of each tool and which one is best suited for certain situations.

Cartography Table


  • The Cartography Table allows for the creation of customized maps, which can show a range of information, including player locations, village locations, and points of interest.
  • The Cartography Table can be used to copy and enlarge maps, making it easier to navigate large areas.
  • The Cartography Table can be used to lock a map at a particular scale, making it easier to compare and track changes over time.


  • The Cartography Table requires a lot of resources to craft.
  • The Cartography Table can only be used to create maps from scratch, meaning players must explore their surroundings to gain the necessary knowledge to complete the map.
  • The Cartography Table can only be used to create maps in the Overworld, meaning it is not useful for players exploring other dimensions.



  • The Compass is an easy-to-use tool that shows the direction of a player’s spawn point and the location of the world’s spawn point.
  • The Compass can be combined with maps to create markers, making it easier to navigate to specific locations.
  • The Compass can be crafted with fewer resources than the Cartography Table.


  • The Compass only shows general locations and does not provide as much information as a customized map.
  • The Compass is not useful for players exploring areas that are far away from their spawn point or the world’s spawn point.
  • The Compass cannot be used to create markers for specific points of interest.

Ultimately, which tool to use depends on the player’s needs and preferences. The Cartography Table is better suited for players who want to create customized maps, track changes over time, and explore the Overworld. The Compass is better suited for players who want a simple tool that provides basic directional information and markers for specific locations.

7. How Cartography Table Fits into the Grand Scheme of Minecraft Gameplay

The Cartography Table is one of the newer additions to Minecraft gameplay, but it swiftly became a popular tool for players who enjoy exploration and map creation. It is one of the most valuable items for Minecraft adventurers, especially those who are interested in expanding their horizons and uncovering undiscovered territories.

Why Do You Need a Cartography Table in Your Game?

Minecraft gameplay is all about exploring and discovering new locations, and the Cartography Table is a tool that accelerates this process. As a player, you can easily transform your old, outdated maps, add new locations, and even expand the map radius. This table serves as a hub for players who are in the midst of exploring a new area, providing them with the necessary tools to create a comprehensive map of their surroundings.

How Does It Benefit Your Gaming Experience?

The Cartography Table is much more than just a tool for map creation. It provides many additional benefits that enhance your gaming experience. Firstly, it allows players to track their movements, enabling you to navigate through a vast area efficiently. Additionally, it enables players to share their maps with other players in multiplayer mode. By creating a shared map, you can work together with your team to explore new areas and more easily coordinate your exploration efforts.

Using the Cartography Table is a must-have for players who seek to get the most out of their Minecraft gaming experience. Whether you are a seasoned explorer or just starting to explore new areas, this table is an essential tool in your arsenal.

People Also Ask

What is a Cartography Table?

A cartography table is a block that can be used to copy and enlarge maps.

What materials do you need to make a Cartography Table?

To make a cartography table, you will need 2 paper and 4 wooden planks of any type.

Where can you find a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

Cartography tables can be found naturally generated in cartographer houses in villages.

Why should you make a Cartography Table?

Cartography tables are useful for expanding and copying maps, which can help you navigate and explore your Minecraft world more easily.

How do you use a Cartography Table?

To use a cartography table, place a map in the top slot and a piece of paper in the bottom slot. The resulting map will be enlarged on the piece of paper, and the original map in the top slot will remain unchanged.


In Minecraft, a cartography table is a helpful tool for expanding and copying maps. By using just 2 pieces of paper and 4 wooden planks of any type, players can easily create their own cartography table. These tables are especially useful for navigating and exploring the vast terrain of Minecraft’s worlds.

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