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How To Post On Reddit?

Written by:
Reviewed by: Aaron Shelton
How To Post On Reddit?

Reddit is an incredibly powerful social media platform that allows you to reach millions of people with just a few clicks. However, with great power comes great responsibility – and that responsibility is to create quality content that adds value to the Reddit community. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of posting on Reddit, from finding the right subreddit to crafting a compelling title and body text that will engage and entertain your audience. Whether you are new to Reddit or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you maximize your impact and connect with like-minded individuals around the world. So let’s get started!

1. Understanding the basics: A beginner’s guide to posting on Reddit

If you’re new to Reddit, it can be overwhelming to navigate the site and figure out how to get your content seen by the community. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the basics of posting on Reddit.

First, you’ll need to create a Reddit account. It’s free and easy, and once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to thousands of communities, or subreddits, where you can share your thoughts, ask questions, and participate in discussions.

To create a post, navigate to the subreddit you want to post in and click the “Create Post” button. From there, you’ll be taken to the post creation page, where you can choose the type of post you want to make: text, link, image, or video.

For a text post, simply write your message in the text box provided. For a link post, paste the URL of the website you want to link to. For an image or video post, you’ll need to upload the file from your computer or device.

Before you post, make sure to review the subreddit’s rules and guidelines, as well as Reddit’s site-wide rules. This will prevent your post from being removed or downvoted by the community. Once you’ve posted, be sure to engage with any comments or feedback you receive from other users.

Overall, posting on Reddit is a great way to share your ideas and connect with like-minded individuals. With these basic steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming an active member of the Reddit community.

2. Discovering the best times and communities to post on Reddit

Understanding when and where to post on Reddit can make a significant difference in the visibility and success of your post. With over 138,000 active communities or subreddits, Reddit hosts a diverse range of topics and interests. Therefore, finding the right subreddit to post in is a crucial aspect of promoting your content.

To maximize your chances of getting your post seen by a relevant audience, start by researching the best times to post on Reddit. According to data collected by Later for Reddit, the hours between 6 am and 8 am EST and 5 pm and 7 pm EST are the most active times on the platform. However, the best time to post may vary depending on your target audience’s location.

Apart from posting at the right time, you also need to select the most appropriate subreddit for your content. Always ensure that your post is relevant to the community where you are posting to garner engagement and avoid being removed by the moderators. You can search for subreddits related to your industry or interest by using the search bar on the homepage or visiting the subreddit directory.

Furthermore, consider the size and activity level of the subreddit since some communities have more active users than others. Posting in a more active subreddit increases the chances of your post receiving engagement, but it also increases the competition for visibility. By contrast, posting in a less crowded subreddit may grant your post more visibility, but it also decreases your exposure to a targeted audience.

Overall, posting at the right time and in the appropriate subreddit are vital factors to promote your content on Reddit. Conduct research to determine the most active times on the platform and select relevant subreddits that fit your target audience.

3. Creating eye-catching titles and text for your Reddit post

One of the most important aspects of posting on Reddit is creating an attention-grabbing title and text. A well-crafted title can make or break your post’s success, so it’s essential to put some thought into it. In this section, we’ll cover some tips for .

Keep It Short and Sweet

Be concise and get to the point when creating your title. Titles that are too long or complicated can be overwhelming and cause users to scroll past your post. Aim for a title that’s no longer than 10-12 words and straightforward enough to understand at a glance.

Use Humor and Wit

Humorous or witty titles are always popular and can help your post stand out. Be careful not to be offensive or insensitive, but a well-timed joke can go a long way in capturing users’ attention.

Address a Need or Problem

If your post addresses a common problem or need, make it clear in your title. Specific titles like “10 Tips for Beating Procrastination” or “How to Increase Your Instagram Followers” can get users interested in your content and increase engagement.

Be Specific

Use specific adjectives or terms in your title to make it more enticing. Instead of “A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking,” try “A Beginner’s Guide to Cooking Mouth-Watering Italian Dishes.” This kind of specificity gives users an idea of what your post is about and makes it more compelling.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can create attention-grabbing titles and text that increase your post’s engagement and success on Reddit.

4. Using images and videos to enhance your Reddit post

In the world of social media, visual content reigns supreme. Images and videos are attention-grabbing and can help elevate your Reddit post above the rest. Here are some tips for using visual content to enhance your Reddit posts:

Choose High-Quality Images and Videos

First and foremost, the content you choose to share on Reddit should be of high quality and relevant to the community you’re posting in. When selecting images and videos, be sure they’re interesting, visually appealing, and add value to your post. Remember that Reddit users can be very discerning when it comes to content, so choose wisely.

Optimize Your Images and Videos

To ensure that your images and videos display properly on Reddit, you’ll want to optimize them for size and resolution. Keep in mind that larger files take longer to load, which can turn off users and hurt engagement. Try to keep your image and video sizes under 5MB if possible. You can also use tools like Imgur or Gfycat to host your visual content and share it on Reddit.

Include Captions and Descriptions

When posting images and videos on Reddit, it’s important to include relevant captions and descriptions. This allows users to quickly understand the context of your post and engage with it more effectively. Make sure your captions are concise and attention-grabbing, while your descriptions provide additional details about the content.

Use Visual Content to Support Your Text

Finally, one of the key benefits of using visual content on Reddit is that it can help support your text content. Use images and videos to illustrate your points, add humor or emotion to your posts, and supplement your arguments. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to capture users’ attention and drive engagement.

5. Engaging with the Reddit community and responding to user comments

Engagement is key to building a successful presence on Reddit. Responding to comments not only helps build rapport with the community, but it also boosts your post’s visibility. Here are some tips for building engagement with Redditors:

Responding Promptly

In the world of Reddit, timing is everything. When you receive a comment, reply as soon as possible. This shows that you’re invested in the conversation and helps you stay on top of the post’s visibility. Moreover, Redditors are more likely to remember those who actively engage with the community.

Ask for Feedback and Input

The more you involve your audience, the more they’ll feel invested in your post. So, ask open-ended questions and encourage them to share their own experiences and perspectives. Not only does this deepen engagement, but it also gives you valuable insights into what to post in the future.

Avoid Arguments and Controversy

Though Reddit is a place where people can freely express their opinions, it’s no place for negative exchanges. Instead of getting drawn into high-stress confrontations, stay positive and respectful even when you disagree with a particular comment. In doing so, you’ll uphold your reputation and keep your post on track.

Remember, responding to user comments is one of the most essential parts of engaging with the Reddit community. By taking the time to hear your audience’s feedback and address their concerns, you’re not only building an audience but also creating a relationship built on honesty and transparency.

6. Navigating Reddit’s rules and avoiding common posting mistakes

When it comes to posting on Reddit, it’s important to follow the site’s rules and guidelines to avoid having your post removed or even getting banned. Here are some key tips for :

Familiarize Yourself with Reddit’s Rules

Before you post on Reddit, take some time to familiarize yourself with the site’s rules and guidelines. These can be found on Reddit’s official website, and cover everything from spam to hate speech. Some common restrictions on Reddit include:

– Self-promotion guidelines: Reddit has strict regulations around self-promotion, such as only posting content from your own site if it’s relevant to the subreddit.
– Personal information: Sharing personal information on Reddit is prohibited, including phone numbers, social security numbers, and email addresses.
– Harassment: Reddit is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment for all users, so any content that makes others feel unsafe or uncomfortable is not allowed.

Get to Know the Subreddit’s Rules

In addition to Reddit’s overarching guidelines, each subreddit has its own specific rules and regulations. Make sure to read them carefully before posting in a subreddit. Common subreddit rules include:

– Topic relevance: Subreddits are designed to focus on specific topics, so make sure your post is relevant to the subreddit you’re posting in.
– Formatting: Some subreddits have specific formatting requirements, such as requiring posts to be in a certain style or include particular tags.
– Image and video guidelines: Some subreddits have restrictions on the use of images and videos, so make sure to read the rules before posting.

Avoid Common Posting Mistakes

To ensure that your post is well-received by the Reddit community, avoid these common posting mistakes:

– Posting too often: Avoid reposting the same content or posting too frequently in a short amount of time.
– Asking for upvotes: Reddit has strict rules against asking for upvotes, so avoid including phrases like “upvote if you agree” in your post.
– Ignoring the comments: Engage with your audience in the comments and be open to feedback, as it can lead to more engagement and success in the long run.

By following these guidelines and avoiding common posting mistakes, you’ll be on your way to successfully navigating Reddit’s rules and regulations.

7. Measuring the success of your Reddit posts and optimizing for future success

After putting in the effort to create a Reddit post, it’s important to measure its success and use that information to optimize for future posts. Here are a few ways to measure the success of your Reddit posts and improve future post performance:

1. Check the post’s upvotes and comments

One of the easiest ways to measure the success of your post is by checking the number of upvotes and comments it receives. These metrics can give you a good idea of how well your post was received by the Reddit community. If your post receives a high number of upvotes and comments, it’s likely that the content resonated with Reddit users. On the other hand, if your post receives few upvotes and comments, it may be an indication that the content wasn’t well received or it didn’t reach the right audience.

2. Analyze the engagement rate

Engagement rate is another way to measure the success of your Reddit post. Engagement rate is the percentage of people who engaged with your post compared to the total number of people who viewed it. You can find the engagement rate of your post by dividing the number of comments and upvotes by the number of views. A high engagement rate is an indication that your post resonated well with the audience.

3. Track referral traffic

Referral traffic is another metric that you can use to measure the success of your Reddit post. Referral traffic is the number of people who clicked on the link in your Reddit post and visited your website. You can track referral traffic using tools such as Google Analytics. By tracking referral traffic, you can determine whether your Reddit post is driving traffic to your website and measure the impact of your post on your website’s traffic.

By measuring the success of your Reddit posts, you can learn what works and what doesn’t work for your audience and optimize your future posts for greater success. So, make sure you keep these metrics in mind and keep experimenting with different types of content, titles, and communities to find the perfect formula for your Reddit posts.

People Also Ask

How do I create a Reddit account?

To create a Reddit account, go to and click on the “Sign up” button. Choose a username and password and provide an email address to verify your account.

How do I find subreddits to post in?

You can search for subreddits by typing in a keyword or phrase in the Reddit search bar. You can also browse popular and trending subreddits on the Reddit homepage or visit specific subreddit directories such as r/ListOfSubreddits.

What are some tips for posting on Reddit?

To make your posts successful on Reddit, be sure to read the subreddit rules before posting, engage with the community, and use an attention-grabbing title. Additionally, it’s important to keep reddiquette in mind, which includes being respectful and contributing to the conversation in a meaningful way.

Can I post links on Reddit?

Yes, you can post links on Reddit. However, some subreddits do not allow link posts, so be sure to check the subreddit rules before posting.

How do I post an image or video on Reddit?

To post an image or video on Reddit, click on the “Submit a new link” button and paste the URL of the image or video into the link field. If you want to upload the image or video directly to Reddit, click on the “Submit a new post” button and choose the “Image & Video” option.


Posting on Reddit can be a great way to join a community, share information, and engage with others who have similar interests. By following subreddit rules, keeping reddiquette in mind, and using attention-grabbing titles and engaging content, you can make your posts successful on Reddit. Always remember to be respectful, contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way, and follow the guidelines of the subreddit you are posting in.

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