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What is the capital of France? ( Paris )

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What Are Solar Air Conditioners And Their Advantages?

Written by:
Reviewed by: Philip Calahan
What Are Solar Air Conditioners And Their Advantages?

If you live in the hot-humid country (such as Texas or Florida), air conditioners can be found in almost every residence, office, or any other indoor venue.

Over the years, they have advanced from wall-mounted models, split air conditioners, to central cooling, etc. Technology evolves with time, and simultaneously, with every evolution comes advancement.

Air conditioning technology has advanced for the better as well, by bringing to light more efficient and cost-effective solar air conditioners.

How Does A Solar Air Conditioner Actually Work?

The solar air conditioner is simply a system that provides cooling by utilizing solar power rather than using electricity from the grid.

Solar air conditioners can be an excellent investment you can make because they can operate on their own for a very long time, by using the unlimited energy from the sun. Meaning, you will be able to pay off your investment in a few short years, and enjoy reduced electricity bills by over 50%.

By using a solar air conditioner, not only will you decrease your air conditioning bill (by over 80% in some cases), but also you will reduce the air pollution and carbon footprint because they have 0% greenhouse emissions.

Advantages Of Using A Solar Air Conditioner

Now, what advantages do solar air conditioners provide?
What makes a solar air conditioner beneficial for you?

Let’s see the top 3 reasons why use a solar air conditioner…

1. Money and Cost

Speaking in terms of solar-powered air conditioners for domestic or office usage, we can say that this is an excellent investment which can help you save money, and here’s why…

In the United States, the cost of a solar system is $7 per watt. This cost also includes installation charges and initial investment, since installation requires professionals to set up the batteries and overall system.

The bottom line is, the solar air conditioning system can cost you up to $3000-$4000.

Nevertheless, even it seems costly, this is a great deal because all of your upfront costs will be refunded within a few years. There are even tax relief programs supported by the government for anyone you will go solar, so you will save on taxes as well.

The air conditioning system has the ability to pay for itself in a maximum of 4 to 5 years, and you will enjoy a cool indoor environment basically for FREE for the rest of your life.

2. Power Consumption

This point is also linked to the previous benefit. There is a lot of weather variation due to climate change. This means regular air conditioners have fluctuating power consumption, which ends up leading to more power consumption. More power consumption means higher costs.

Solar air conditioners, on the other hand, require a lot less power to run (no more than 1/10 of the other regular air conditioners)

That makes solar air conditioners a great asset for current times.
Using solar air conditioners also leads to fewer electricity spikes and hence less reliance on the grid.

Less power consumption = lower electricity bills.

3. The Environment

And finally, the environment.

Solar Power is eco-friendly, and Solar Air Conditioning builds on that.

With a solar air conditioner, you are no longer relying on fossil fuel-based electricity, and essentially you are producing and consuming clean green energy.

By using a solar air conditioner, you are reducing all greenhouse emissions that otherwise can build up in the air from the other inefficient A/C units.

Moreover, with the pollution being taken care of, you are taking a BIG step in the right direction towards a greener future for our generations.

What Is The Best Solar Air Conditioner?

Currently, the best solar air conditioner on the market is the Alpcool solar air conditioner.


Alpcool is an innovative Swiss solution in the field of air cooling industry that produces cool, quality air out of hot water from a solar water heater.

This efficient solar air conditioner uses advanced absorption cooling technology carefully designed to provide a safe and effective alternative for air cooling.

The system has an elegant design that perfectly fits in every home.
And speaking of home, your family will be grateful you have it because it destructs ALL viruses in the air (including Covid19) and protects you from asthma attacks (by eliminating all allergens in the air)

Because it has ZERO greenhouse emissions, the cost-effective Alpcool solar air conditioner is the best friend to the environment.

And most importantly, because Alpcool only uses 1/10 of the electricity, you will enjoy HIGHLY reduced air conditioning bills by up to 90%.

What more to ask from an efficient solar air conditioner?

Take a look at this product and let us know what do you think in the comments below.




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