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What Is Telemedicine – 4 Ways To Introduce Telemedicine To Your Medical Staff

Written by:
Reviewed by: Philip Calahan
What Is Telemedicine – 4 Ways To Introduce Telemedicine To Your Medical Staff

Telemedicine has been around for quite a while now, with most healthcare practitioners being at least have basic knowledge of using the system.

However, still, there are plenty of nurses, paramedic staff, and even doctors & physicians who aren’t much familiar with the optimal utilization of the telemedicine system, which limits the efficiency and productivity that can be leveraged using the system.

Below in this blog post, we have come up with some approaches hospitals and other healthcare institutions can take to help their staff get themselves versed with the telemedicine system.

And by optimally utilizing the telemedicine system, they will be able to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and get higher revenues.

1. Vendor Training Session

All reputed and credible telemedicine software vendors offer training workshop sessions for new clients, as a means to introduce the staff with the features and functionalities of the system and how to utilize those features optimally.

Some vendors will also offer after-sales training workshops on clients’ requests, which is mostly arranged on payment. Nonetheless, the best way to introduce the new telemedicine system amongst the doctors, physicians, and paramedic staff is to arrange a dedicated training workshop through vendors, as they have the best knowledge and resources about the system.

In any case, where conducting physical training workshop isn’t possible (due to different location or other reasons), you can ask them to conduct a video session as an alternative. Also, you can ask them to share all the official resources and training material about the system that will help employees learn more about the system.

2. Publish FAQs As a Reference

It’s quite understandable for people to feel intimidated with new technology like telemedicine, especially for people who aren’t much into the technology of intelligent systems before.

So, it’s only natural that the clinic or hospital employees would have many queries and concerns about the new system. And while you may arrange a regular interactive training session to address the queries directly, it’s next to impossible to address all the queries individually.

Thereby, the best alternative to address different questions and queries for the telemedicine software is to publish a detailed FAQs document and get it distributed amongst all employees.

Before compiling the FAQs, ask doctors, physicians, and paramedic staff to share their queries to be included in the published document, as a way to ensure answering any many queries as possible.

Some of the most common queries about telemedicine software include:

  • How does the system work?
  • Is it legal to use telemedicine software?
  • Which conditions/diseases can I treat with the system?
  • What can I expect from the system?
  • What’s the benefit of implementing the system?

Again, the list of questions may be very long, and you should take as many queries as possible to ensure a comprehensive document that can be distributed across the organization.

3. Mock System Test

A mock test is always a great way to introduce a new system to the people and setting up a mock test for the telemedicine solution will certainly help doctors and paramedics to understand the scope of the system, as well as, to get a feel for the system.

By letting them test out the various connections methods, functionalities, and features offered by the telemedicine software, you will increase their comfort level for the new system, and they will be better prepared to implement it in real case scenarios.

Ideally, a mock-up test should be arranged once the new system is implemented, and the initial training workshop from the vendor has been arranged.

This way, the employees would already have some theoretical concept of the system to test them out themselves during the mock testing.

4. Additional Training Opportunities

You need to understand that not all employees will understand and get comfortable with the new system at the same rate.

There will always be those who will grasp the technicalities and opportunities offered by the system faster, whereas others may struggle to understand the scope of it.

Thereby, it’s always recommended to keep a regular training workshop schedule, as a means to continually develop skills and increase the comfort level of all concerned professionals.

Also, make sure to publish relevant tutorials, guides, and FAQs periodically, to ensure that healthcare practitioners keep getting better in their use of technology.



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