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What is the capital of France? ( Paris )

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What Temperature Should My PC Parts Be While Gaming?

Written by:
Reviewed by: Philip Calahan
What Temperature Should My PC Parts Be While Gaming?
  • If you are playing on Medium resolution than temperature should not exceed 60 – 65°C.
  • If its on High resolution than it should not exceed 65 – 70°C.

Usually, if you play 4-5 hours than these are normal temperatures, and if you live in a cold country then it should be even lower – around 53-60°C.

In addition to this temperature also varies from game to game.

Games like Assassin’s Creed require more power, therefore, increasing your temperature.

Whereas games like Call of Duty (except Black Ops series) require less power so don’t produce much heat.

Our recommendation is to use coolers if possible. Probably the best coolers are Liquid Coolers which can keep the temperature under 50°C.

Manufacturers like nVidia, AMD, and motherboard producers exist to deliver. They make little, yet somewhat noticeable performance improvements each year, and every 3 years of so they add up to create a new standard (like Open GL/CL, Shader Model or DirectX versions).

However, we find out that every manufacturer doesn’t want you to keep its products for more than 3-5 years!

So they encourage you to run the CPUs at 65°C and GPUs at 95°C because “they’re designed to work this way” or “to be silent”.

Exploiting them on these temperatures will surely reduce their lifespan for the mentioned period and you will need to make new purchases, thus feeding their pockets.

On the other hand, investing in good air or water cooling will provide more than 10 years of service, but what good would that do when in 5 years you can’t play new games on decent details with the top-notch hardware you’ve bought years ago?

It’s about making compromises, the choice is yours.



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