To send a letter within the United States:

  • Affix 1 Forever Stamp (costs $0.49) or
  • Affix 1 First Class Letter Stamp

…at the top right corner of an envelope.

How Many Stamps Do You Need To Send Letters Within The US

Forever Stamps are best for mailing 1-ounce letters (of standard size) within the U.S.

Affix more than 1 Forever Stamp if the letter weighs over 1 ounce.

First Class Letter Stamps are ideal for letters that weigh within 3.5 ounces.

Note: Every extra ounce will cost $0.21. The First Class Mail will deliver a letter within 3 days.

  • Maximum Weight Of A Letter: 1 ounce (if you are using 1 Forever Stamp)
  • Maximum Weight Of A Letter: 5 ounces (if you are using 1 First Class Letter Stamp)

The more the pages in an envelope, more will be the weight and more you will have to stick the stamps. If you don’t affix the stamps according to the envelope’s weight, it will be sent back.

Is important to note if the envelope is oversized and unusual. This can be the thickness, the size or the weight.

Note also that this rate is less if your letter can be machine sortable and readable and can be as much as 8–10 cents less per article.