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How To Find Out What Time You Were Born?

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Reviewed by: Brenda Block
How To Find Out What Time You Were Born?

For centuries, astrologers have used the exact time of an individual’s birth to cast their horoscope and gain valuable insights into their personality, strengths and weaknesses, and future prospects. But what happens when you don’t know your birth time? In this article, we’ll explore several ways to determine your exact birth time, from exploring records and archives to contacting family members and using astrological techniques. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge and tools needed to unlock a vital aspect of your astrological identity and discover more about yourself than you ever thought possible. So, whether you’re a seasoned astrology enthusiast or a newcomer to the field, keep reading to learn how to find out what time you were born.

1. The role of precise birth time in astrology: Why it matters and how it impacts your horoscope reading

Knowing your precise birth time is crucial in astrology because it determines the placement and configuration of the planets at the moment of your birth. The positions of these heavenly bodies in relation to the zodiac signs and other celestial factors generate a unique horoscope chart that reflects your personality, strengths, weaknesses, and life potentials.

Without a precise birth time, an astrologer cannot accurately determine the ascendant (rising sign), which influences your physical appearance, demeanor, and approach to life. The ascendant also governs the first house, which represents your self-image, personal identity, and manner of self-expression. Additionally, the houses of the horoscope chart reflect different areas of your life, such as career, family, love, and health. The planetary positions at the time of your birth determine which houses are activated and how strong their influence is on your life circumstances.

Therefore, the more precise your birth time, the more accurate and insightful your horoscope reading can be. Even a few minutes can make a difference in the positioning of the planets and the interpretations of your chart. Hence, it is essential to strive for as much accuracy as possible when discovering your birth time. The following sections will provide you with various methods to uncover your birth time, whether through traditional means or alternative approaches.

2. Traditional methods of discovering your birth time: Tips for consulting your birth certificate, parents, and hospital records


One of the most common and reliable ways of finding out your birth time is by consulting your birth certificate. Most hospitals record the exact time of birth when a person is born, which is then included in their birth certificate. If you have a hard copy of your birth certificate, you can find your birth time right on it. However, if you don’t have a copy of your birth certificate, you can easily obtain it by contacting the Vital Records office in the state or country where you were born.

Another way to find out your birth time is by asking your parents or other relatives who were present at your birth. They might have a better recollection of the exact time you were born than you do. It’s best to ask them in a calm and polite manner, as they may not remember the exact time, or they may not be willing to share the information. However, if they do have the information, make sure to write it down or record it for future reference.

Lastly, if you were born in a hospital, you can also check their records to find out your birth time. Contact the hospital and ask for your medical records. They may have the exact time of your birth documented in your hospital records. However, keep in mind that obtaining medical records can take some time, and there may be fees involved.

It’s essential to have an accurate birth time as it can drastically impact the interpretation of your horoscope reading. Your ascendant, houses, and planetary configurations all depend on your precise birth time. Utilizing traditional methods such as consulting birth certificates, parents, and hospital records can provide the most reliable time of your birth for use in your horoscope.

3. Alternative approaches for uncovering your birth time: From regression therapy to astrological software and birth chart rectification services

If you have struggled to find your precise birth time and traditional methods failed, don’t worry; there are alternative approaches that you can try. These methods range from regression therapy to astrological software and birth chart rectification services. Here are some details about each technique:

Regression Therapy: This approach involves revisiting memories of your past and memories from the time near or around your birth. Regression therapy sessions require a certified therapist who uses hypnosis to access previous memories. You might recall some significant event, people, or even the time of the day you were born. However, you should keep in mind that the accuracy of the recollection depends on the therapist’s skills, your willingness and ability to engage, and your subjective interpretation of the experience.

Astrological software: There is plenty of astrological software that calculates your birth time based on your date of birth, place of birth and estimated time of birth, which is usually narrowed down to a two-hour window. Some software uses algorithms and planetary movements, while others use sophisticated statistical methods or machine learning models to approximate your birth time. However, these methods are not always accurate, and the estimated birth time might vary depending on the software you use.

Birth chart rectification services: This is a reliable technique that involves analyzing important events in your life such as getting married, graduating or experiencing a significant loss, and comparing them with your astrological chart. A professional astrologer uses these events to estimate and confirm your birth time accurately. The process might take a while, and it requires the participation and honesty of the client. Nonetheless, it is worth the effort as it provides you an exact birth time allowing you to get an accurate astrological chart read.

These alternative approaches not only provide insight into your precise birth time, but they also enhance your understanding of the relationship between your life’s events and your astrological chart.

4. How to interpret and analyze your astrological chart with accurate birth time: Understanding the ascendant, houses, and planetary configurations


Understanding your astrological chart plays an important role in determining your personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses. It helps you understand the ways in which the planets and their positions can influence your life. To read and analyze your astrological chart with precision, you need to know the significance of the ascendant or the rising sign, houses, and planetary configurations.

What is the ascendant?

The ascendant, or the rising sign, is the zodiac sign that was rising in the east at the exact moment of your birth. It is considered to be the most important element in your astrological chart because it represents your personality, your physical appearance, and the way you perceive the world. The ascendant sign is the first house in your astrological chart, and it is essential to know its placement to interpret the entire chart accurately.

Understanding the houses

The astrological chart consists of twelve houses, each representing different aspects of your life. For instance, the first house represents your personality, the second house represents finances, the seventh house symbolizes relationships, and the tenth house represents your career. Each house is associated with a particular zodiac sign, and the planetary configurations in each house can have a significant impact on your life. Understanding the placement of planets in different houses can help you identify the areas of your life where you need to focus and work on.

Planetary Configurations

Understanding the planetary configurations in your astrological chart is crucial to get accurate insights into your life. The placement of different planets in different houses can impact your personality, career, relationships, and other important areas of your life. For instance, the position of Jupiter in your astrological chart can indicate good luck, prosperity, and growth. In contrast, the placement of Saturn can signify obstacles and delays.

In conclusion, understanding the key elements and planetary configurations in your astrology chart can provide valuable insights into your life. By using your precise birth time and consulting astrologers or online resources, you can study your chart in detail to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and areas where growth is needed.

5. The significance of retrograde planets and how they affect your birth time interpretation

Retrograde planets in astrology are those that appear to be moving backward in the sky based on our Earthly perspective. While this is simply an optical illusion, these planets can have a significant impact on your birth time interpretation.

One important thing to note is that retrograde planets can indicate a slower development in the areas of life represented by the planet. For example, if you have a retrograde Venus in your birth chart, you may have struggled with relationships in the past or had difficulty expressing affection. However, this can also lead to a greater appreciation and understanding of these areas once you do begin to develop them.

It’s also important to note that the specific house and sign a retrograde planet is located in can provide additional context for its influence on your life. For example, a retrograde Mars in your 10th house of career could indicate setbacks or delays in your professional pursuits, but it can also suggest a need to take a different approach to your career path in order to achieve success.

Overall, while retrograde planets can present challenges in certain areas of life, they can also lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of those same areas. By considering the house and sign placements of these planets, you can gain a more nuanced understanding of how they may impact your birth time interpretation.

People Also Ask

Can I find out what time I was born online?

No, you cannot find out what time you were born online. The only way to find out your birth time is to check your birth certificate or ask your parents, if they remember.

Why is it important to know what time you were born?

Knowing your birth time helps create your birth chart which is used in astrology to determine your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses and future predictions. It also helps in medical situations where knowing the exact birth time can be critical.

What if my birth certificate doesn’t have my birth time?

If your birth certificate doesn’t mention your birth time, you can request a copy of your hospital records or ask your parents or relatives who were present during your birth.

Is there a way to estimate my birth time?

Yes, there are a few methods to estimate your birth time such as talking to your parents or relatives about the events that were happening around the time of your birth, or checking your natal chart to find the ruling planet which can reveal the time of day you were born.

Can my birth time change?

No, your birth time cannot change. It is a fixed moment in time when you were born and it will remain the same throughout your life.


Finding out what time you were born can be an interesting and informative exercise, particularly for those interested in astrology or for medical reasons. While there are various methods to estimate the birth time in case it is missing from your birth certificate, the most accurate and reliable source is the official document. Asking your parents or relatives who were present during your birth can also provide valuable insights.

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