What would mean if someone uses the abbreviation “Hmu” in a text or chat message?

Basically, “HMU” is a slang term that means “hit me up.” It is a fairly popular slang term used in messaging to ask someone if they want or need something. It can be used with all uppercase letters (HMU) or all lowercase letters (hmu).

For example:  “HMU when you come home.”

The meaning of HMU in text messages can be interpreted simply enough: it means “Call Me”. This acronym is also used to say text me, phone me or otherwise reach me to follow up on this”. It is a modern shorthand way to invite a person to communicate with you further.

In fact, the phrase has become so commonplace among young folks today that its usage extends beyond texting. Some people also use this acronym when going on social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter which prompts users who see the hashtag #HMU to direct message (DM) them.