Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms that people can use to share and discuss content. Reddit gained popularity in recent years with over 200 million users.

Reddit works with its own “imaginary internet points” called karma.

The more karma points a person has, the higher they rank in Reddit’s system. Karma points are given out by other users for submitting quality content. This post will show you how to get karma on Reddit so that you can start benefitting from it!

What Is Reddit Karma?

If you’re a frequent user of the popular social media site Reddit, then you have probably heard of karma points. While many people are not sure what these points actually do for them or how to get more karma, this article will help clear up some misconceptions and share some tips on how to gain more karma.

What is karma? Karma, in this sense, relates to a point system on Reddit that measures the quality of a person’s contributions.

There are 2 types of karma:

  • link karma and
  • comment karma.

Link karma points measure the total number of upvotes a user has received for their posts or comments over time.

Comment karma points measure what percentage from other users have agreed with your opinion.

Redditors can also earn “gold” status by having more than 100 link-karma points and moderating either r/funny, r/pics or r/askscience (or any combination) at least once per year. This gold status gives them access to extra features including creating new subreddits as well as making custom stylesheet themes.

How Do People Benefit From Having More Reddit Karma?

If someone has lots of Reddit karma, they might have written some really great posts or comments that people agreed with, and thus karma points were given to them.

The more karma someone has, the more influence their opinions will have over others on Reddit.

Some advantages of having a lot of Karma Points:

  • It can boost your reputation as an expert in certain subject matter areas.
  • You’ll see these types of users who are well known for giving advice on various topics adding valuable commentary about those subjects.
  • You will be able to join a few private subreddits.
  • You will be able to create your own subreddits.